Where is Land's End ?

At the most westerly point on the English mainland. The Scilly isles lie further out to sea to the south west.

Lizard Point is the most southerly point of the British Isles - something that people sometimes confuse with Land's End. This small section of southern Cornwall is very beautiful and unspoiled. It is not uncommon to meet foreign visitors who are attracted by the botany, geology and peaceful country lanes.

Land's EndLand' End is often quoted in the same sentence as John O' Groats in Scotland. There are even people known as 'End to Enders' who try to cover the 1470 km between both towns, there and back, on foot, bicycle or other method. It is a well known challenge, rather like swimming the English Channel.

Visitors to Land's End sometimes pay to have their photograph taken beside the signpost that shows its location, distances to other places, the day and date as a keepsake to remind them of being there. The signpost is fenced off ensuring that anyone who wants to stand beside it must pay a fee for the privilege.

The A30 road, which travels the length of Cornwall, ends at Land's End. Rugged cliffs overlook the Celtic Sea, waves crash on the Longships rocks 2.4 km offshore where the Longships lighthouse stands endlessly warning sailors.

A well trodden coastal path and a steady stream of walkers follows the cliffs around Land's End. Day trippers arrive by road and park at the new visitor centre where meals, drinks and ice creams can be purchased.

Land's End visitor centre

Land's End Visitor Centre

Land's End is just one small corner of England, there is a multitude of beautiful and fascinating places to visit and explore all over England. Find out more about holidays in England for foreign tourists.