What is there to see at Land's End?

Enjoy a day out at Land's End and take part in a variety of activities.

Bring binoculars and your camera.

Cornwall activities

Everyone is different with their own particular interests and things they enjoy. The scenery at Land's End is spectacular but if you're the type of person who has no interest whatsover in countryside, don't go.

For thrills and spills during your holiday perhaps take a

  • helicopter tour of Land's End and the Cornish Coast from Land's End Airport,
  • go coasteering where you have to make your way around the coast by a variety of methods,
  • go diving, sign up for a diving course at a local Padi diving school
  • learn to surf on a nearby surfing beach at Sennen Cove,
  • rent a boat and go sailing or yachting,
  • hire a bike and cycle your way around the coast.

For families

Young children would enjoy the small farm and perhaps painting a pot at the pottery. The visitor centre also offers various attractions and things to do for children such as a lifeboat to clamber over, a 4D cinema and more.

For pensioners

A certain amount of walking is required to negoitate the area between Greeb Farm, the visitor centre and the signpost. It might only be difficult for anyone with a disability. Good supporting footwear is recommended.

Walking the coastal path

People of all ages walk the coastal path and most greet other walkers with a friendly 'hello' or at least a smile. Parts of the coastal path are near the cliff edge so that special care should be taken with young children and walking dogs.

coastal path