Land's End Visitor Centre

The relatively new Land's End Visitor Centre may be a blight on the landscape or a welcome place for a meal and amusement, depending on your viewpoint.

Land's End Visitor Centre

The visitor centre sits on top of the cliffs overlooking the Longships lighthouse and rocks. The Greeb Animal Farm and craft workshops are downhill away from the main part of the centre.

Greeb Farm and the craft workshops are worth visiting for all ages. Children would enjoy the farm animals or making a pot, photographers would appreciate the possibilities for good photographs and its interesting to see the craftsmen at work and have a chat.

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Land's End Visitor Centre with amusements

There is a hotel with restaurant to cater for top-end diners and cafes for budget priced meals. There picnic tables outside for people who prefer to bring their own lunch with them.

There is a large souvenir shop selling Cornish fudge, biscuits, T shirts, jewellery etc. There are also various entertainments for families that could be useful for today's children who expect entertainment to be organised by others rather than make their own.

There is an art gallery in the visitor centre grounds that features seascapes and sells original paintings and prints. Perhaps quality souvenirs to take home as gifts for friends and family?