The Land's End Signpost

A photograph of visitors standing beside the Land's End signpost with the date at the time visible is a permanent record of having made the journey.

Anyone wishing to have a photograph taken with the signpost must first pay a fee and a photograph is taken by the photographer on duty. In addition to the date, the visitor's home town is also attached to the signpost to create a personal record. There are no restrictions in taking photographs of the signpost itself from behind the chain link fencing.

Land's End signpost Cornwall

No one is obliged to pose with the signpost. It is an optional extra that visitors can choose if they wish.

Anyone with experience of editing digital photographs could always add their own home town and an image of themselves to a photograph of the signpost. But then again, it is probably simpler to just pay the fee.

Photographs of the scenery at Land's End are much more interesting and beautiful.


The famous signpost at Land's End