Camping around Land's End, Cornwall

camping Land's End Cornwall

Camping is often viewed as the cheapest family holiday. It is versatile, you take your tent and gear with you and if you don't like the location, weather or if anyone becomes ill, you can easily pack everything away and return home.



There are several camp sites and holiday parks near Land's End and many more scattered throughout Cornwall. The weather during the summer is balmy which is what every camper hopes for.

Imagine sitting back in your chair during the evening and grilling steaks on your super duper gas driven kitchen out in the countryside, surrounded by peace and quiet. Find a pitch for your tent in one of the smaller camp sites and tranquillity can be yours.

Families usually prefer the larger camp sites which provide on-site facilities to entertain the children. Both types of camp sites exist, it's just a case of finding the right one to suit your desires and budget.

camping holidays around Land's End Cornwall

Places to visit and activities near Land's End:

  • Walk part of the coastal path around Land's End, pop into the visitor centre for refreshments and to entertain the children.
  • Spend a day or two at Sennen Cove on the magnificent golden sandy beach, take a look at the art work at the Round House and Capstan Gallery.